Monday, January 30, 2017

~ We are how we treat each other, and nothing more ~

I've had this song on repeat-play most of the day here.  'Love, love, love.   ♥  


La Table De Nana said...

You ,my dear,spread love and kindness..thank you.

CraveCute said...

Love this! Yes, more kindness please!

Anonymous said...

To me, love and kindness have to do with a persons self respect...if we don't have self respect, we can never respect life, in whatever form...its all about following the golden unto others the way we want others to do to us...we have to earn respect...not demand it through fear and intimidation...i believe the majority of people in this precious world are humble and kind and loving...thank you Val for this sweet song,diana

Val said...

Yes--It's a gorgeous song. 'Well-worth sharing. :)

And I agree, Diana. People can't give away what they don't have. ♥

racheld said...

Yes! You ARE our personal little sunshiny love-spreader, here in all your bright charm and cheer anytime we drop in.

I love your outlook and so enjoy dropping in to draw in some of your sunshine. I hope you get back as much as you distribute so freely. You're such a bright spot in the day.


racheld said...

Val----me again, with a question.

You've mentioned figure skaters several times in your "things you love and that BRIGHT you" and occasionally in posts, I think, so I wonder if you can remember a couple that I recall so vividly but cannot remember who they were.

I don't know if they were just the "pairs" or in the more recent "Ice Dancing" category. Sometime soon after 9/11, a wonderful performance by this two just took my heart and left me we touched and teary even thinking of it here.

They did a slow, beautiful program dressed in pale grays and grayish blacks, tattered and flowing in the wind, and patterned on the ashy-gray, stunned people who emerged from the great cloud of smoke and ashes on the streets of New York that terrible day.

It was ethereal and so real that I can remember it to this day, from just that one viewing, and I just CANNOT remember who they were---close to home, or another country in salute and sympathy to ours. I thought for a long time that it was Torville and Dean, but I cannot find anything similar in their You Tube lists. I've tried every permutation of 9/11 and Towers and skating performances I can think of, and still it's as if they were but of the moment, come to comfort and pay tribute, then vanished into their own mist like Brigadoon.

Do you recall any such beautiful program? Even the raggy clothes are etched into my memory of the moment---fluttering torn sleeves and gray as vapor from the ice.

I'd really love to experience that beautiful moment again.


Val said...

Ahh, Rachel, you're so kind. Thank you. ♥

The only video I've found of a similar peformance is this one from 2002, "A Time for Peace" by husband-and-wife pairs skaters Ilia Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva:

Is that it? The theme and costuming seem like what you're describing. It's new to me but all I've found so far.

racheld said...

Perhaps my memory this fifteen years has hazed it into a smoother, softer, more delicate rendition---it seems now so much more a loving, gliding tribute than such a technical, faster one. I DO believe it was a special tribute, more than such a technically perfected routine striving to win.

This fit all the marks I gave you, but memory makes it softer and more inspirational.

Thank you for finding this---it was a superb performance.


Val said...

I was expecting something softer too. We'll keep searching, Rachel. It sounds lovely.