Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Family Weekend

'Still settling back into life here after a few days with family.  Dad's birthday and the annual family reunion fell on the same day this year, and his two sisters also spent the night at the house Sunday and were able to stay through lunch Monday, making this visit home especially memorable.  Dad cooked their grandmother's risotto--his best batch of it yet, we all agreed--and his just-picked tomatoes and cucumbers made a perfect side-salad.  'A special meal and sweet way for the siblings' visit to end.  Mom, Dad, and I opted for the Olympics over seemingly-ceaseless election-related-news-coverage in the evenings, I finished reading Judy Blume's latest book Monday night and began Bill Bryson's take on Australia in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and too soon--
--I was back at the bus station, greeting its resident cat and waiting to board to come back here. 
Assuming Aunt Laurie's health remains good, I will be looking out the bus windows at Pennsylvania countryside again next week already for a visit with her and the rest of my family. 
This summer has been miserably hot and humid, but it's one that has found me both getting somewhere with my running finally and reuniting with family, so those are two Summer 2016 things that I will remember fondly. 


racheld said...

Lovely visit, lovely garden. Those moments are inscribed somewhere in us, I think, for the later review and savor, like memories of music or the taste of a peach.

I'm so glad you're enjoying this fleeting, endless Summer---we've been under cloud cover for DAYS, including some clouds with tornadoes in them. The heat just HANGS there, moist and invasive, and how DID all our folks-of-the-past make it through? We say or think that nearly every day.

And we've been enjoying all the luscious tomatoes and cucumbers we can bring into the house---every meal has a salad or sandwich made with those---sometimes the entire meal.

And the funniest thing---the best cucumbers we can get here are from Sam's---tiny green tender marvels---baby English cukes, in fact, with all the charm of the large and a sweet taste all their own.


La Table De Nana said...

My tomatoes look like your dad's:)
Happy you had work so deserve to have young:) Enjoy it..and good for you for keeping everything up..
We had a beautiful summer..hotter and drier than usual..but sunny cannot beat a blue sky..I stay in now when it is ..well 100F..I garden for an hour and then paint..or read..or organize..stuff:)
So nice you will remember this summre fondly♥

La Table De Nana said...

PS cute card:)♥

Blondie's Journal said...

Your father sounds like he has a great green thumb! Love family get togethers. Always fun.

Very hot and humid here in the much more than usual. No complaints compared to other parts of the country.


Val said...

"YES!" to everything you all wrote here. Thank you, Rachel, Monique, and Jane. ♥