Saturday, November 21, 2015

Here at Home Tonight

"Go light somewhere," I found myself muttering to Stuffed today, just as Mom used to say to me and my brothers when we drove her crazy getting underfoot, as he ran from room to room trying one chair and another, then the cozy corner between patchwork cupboard and radiator, then a rug in front of the bathroom radiator. . . .I was working on my memoir-writing/index card-making, Mike was trying to concentrate while reading the paper, and Stuffed was racing, stopping, racing off again, changing direction. . . .Finally, I gave up and gathered fleece blanket, afghan, and a pile of pillows onto a chair to build a burrow for Stuffed.  And sure enough, within two minutes, he jumped up onto it, curled into a ball, and has spent the past few hours there, nose cuddled into tail, looking distinctly snugger than everyone else here tonight.  
A lazy indoors night here for all three of us, actually.  We ordered a pizza for supper for the first time in awhile, and I'm mixing up a batch of chocolate zucchini muffins after I write this.  The now-pelting rain is supposed to turn to light snow here in the next few hours, and I have both tonight and tomorrow off work, so I'm looking forward to making a blanket-and-pillow fort for myself soon and enjoying two cozy days and nights of reading and writing.  

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Lisa said...

Oh, yes - make yourself one without delay. :)