Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Pig ID Photo Commercial

I practically cackle every time this commercial airs.  ". . .Gots all my pertinents on it and such."  And the bewildered look on the pig's face when the disinterested clerk says "Turn to the camera."  The way she bellows "Next!" like it has three syllables.  I laugh and laugh, every time.  And the shot of his new photo!  Ahhhh!  I love it.  
I first saw it about two days before having my own photo taken for a new badge for work, and it is putting it kindly to say that my old photo was better, making this commercial even funnier to me every time it comes on this winter. 


Kathryn Ross said...

Blessings, Val!So glad you found me at The Writer's Reverie - and I'm enjoying getting to know you and our kindred places through your blog. WORDS! Yes - my home is filled with them - ancient words and antique books and all manner of loquaciousness! Love your crafty chair and all your bright colors - love your LONG "words" list - too much fun happening here.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Love the cute little pig. Looking forward to getting to know you. Love your description about your blog. Sending hugs, Martha

Deb said...

Pretty funny...I really get a chuckle out of the Geico and Progressive commercials. They crack me up. My current fav is "The Oldest Trick in the Book" commercial. I think it is from Progressive. Thanks for making me take a break and smile!

Nellie said...

Those Geico commercials are really funny! It is a cute pig, though. Those ID photos are really misnamed. They seldom bear resemblance to the person who is being identified! xo Nellie

Val said...

Yes, we seem to be kindred spirits, Kathryn. :)

Hi, Martha. :)

Deb: Yes! Is that the "Madest thou look" one? I laugh at that part. :)

Nellie, that's a funny observation. :) ♥