Friday, November 15, 2013

The happiest days are when babies come. ~ Melanie to Mammy in Gone with the Wind

A text message from my younger brother woke me up this morning.  His baby is due tonight, his wife is now in labor, and my first text back was "Wow!  My baby brother!" before I gathered my wits and wrote a little more.  I've received a couple more messages from him since then, my mom's called me once, and with emails and phone calls and texts and prayers--and later, for the locals, hospital visits--we're all sending each other love and wishing my brother, his wife, and their baby a smooth night.  Surely, the baby already knows and feels she's part of this sweet family.  Surely, my grandparents are watching over us all and are here with us in their way.  I walked over to Rite Aid a few hours ago to buy this year's Christmas cards--buy one pack, get two packs free!--and started crying as I walked back, thinking about tonight and how it changes and expands and deepens all these bonds.  Ah, dear family!  So much love!
  with my younger brother in 1983 


Nellie said...

How exciting, Val! I am sending hopes that all will go well on this evening, and that you will be back with news of the arrival of this precious little one! Hugs, Nellie

Lisa said...

Wow Val - I'll definitely be praying for them all!

La Table De Nana said...


God Bless everyone:)

Val said...

Thank you, Nellie, Lisa, and Monique. :) I'm drinking iced tea and waiting up for the call. ♥♥

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Well, hopefully the little one has graced your family with his/her presence. Well loved is what this little one will be.

Love and hugs to you dear Val, you are a sweetheart.

Your sweet pkg. of autumn arrived safely yesterday and was a real treat thank you very much.


Val said...

You're welcome, Lorraine. :)

We're still waiting for her to arrive. What a long night for my brother and his wife--and for the baby! My brother wrote about half an hour ago that he thinks the baby's close to coming now, though.

Thank you. ♥