Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Daisy-Henriette :)

One of the highlights of watching the finale of "Downton Abbey" yesterday was being surprised to see Daisy transformed into my grandmother's 1927 high-school-graduation portrait-self.  Even their dresses were so similarI started crying as soon as I saw dolled-up Daisy after Anna styled her new haircut. 
For Grandma's high school graduation present, her older brother treated her to a trip to stay with him and his wife in Detroit.  Below is Grandma on that trip, looking like she could be visiting "Downton's" Mary and Henry at the race track. 
Such a dear hairdo.  I tried its once in my mid-twenties and can assure you that it just doesn't happen with naturally curly hair.  :)
But Daisy and Grandma--and certainly posh Mary--more than make it work.  
Those eyes!
That lace collar!
Sweet, sweet Grandma.  And sweet "Downton" too.  I didn't like a lot of this final season, but the finale was solid.  Their "Happy new year" and the home in the snow, and with Grandma on my mind. . .I cried a few times while I watched this yesterday.  "Auld lang syne," indeed. 


emily barlocker scott said...

That is so weird, but so freaking awesome.

La Table De Nana said...

To me..priceless!Priceless that you immediately saw the resemblance.
Oh my dad's family ..same fancy car..I have posted a pic of him..
that era..
my parents..long gone..
I felt the same way as you all along this season..except epi 3..

but the finale..perfection.
My eyes welled..my heart filled up..all for the same reasons as you..
I have naturally curly hair too..more a bad Janis Joplin wave/frizz..that I let go sometimes..but mostly tame w/ more appliances than Mary had;)
I tried that bang look too..and used a reg.iron and waxed paper in my day..now I have a flat iron;)

Val said...

Emily, thank you. And yes. Imagine my sobs when I saw her new 'do. :) Did you get into "Downton"?

Monique, yes, I know--Most of this season didn't hit the spot for me, which made liking the finale all the sweeter. And I can't picture you with wavy hair! How fun that you can have either wavy or straight, though. That's the fun for those who don't have naturally curly ("CURLY-curly!") hair, I guess. :)

TiffanyJane said...

Oh my goodness!!!! How neat is that!!?? Love your grandmas photos, soooo sweet! :)
I really thought about watching all the Downtown Abbey.....would you say it would be worth it?? I am a sucker for the location and clothes, so thought I might enjoy it.
Tiff :)

Val said...

Hi, Tiff--

Yes, truly, you would love it. I didn't watch it at all until last winter--I was sick and treated myself to season 1's dvd and ended up binge-watching the next four seasons in maybe a week. Ha! :) This last season was the first I got to watch "in real time." I loved it--It's destined to become a classic. Fabulous writing, research, historical accuracy, clothing, sets, locations, characters, ♥ all of it. You have a real treat ahead of you!

Nellie said...

Lovely, lovely photos of your dear grandma! They remind me a bit of my own mother who was born in 1908. I was "late to the party" for Downton, and these past two seasons were actually the only ones that I watched regularly. Loved the finale! - xo Nellie

Val said...

Oh, yes, they would, Nellie--she was born two years before Grandma, then. :) 'Glad you liked the finale too. It certainly helped us all make it through winter! ♥

Lisa said...

What a resemblance there - it shows how accurate their costuming was on that show (not that anyone would argue that point!) I was very happy with the finale. I think the first season was my favorite, and I'll only know that for sure if(when) I watch that season again.

Val said...

Yes, Lisa, I hadn't even thought about a favorite season yet. The first, huh? I watched the first five seasons in such a rush last year--and had just finished watching them this very week, I think--that they kind of blur in my memory. That O'Brien character was SO nasty, those seasons (or scenes, at least) with her just make me uncomfortable. It was such an interesting start to a show, though, with the Titanic news. I look forward to the day I start it all over again.

Lisa said...

Yeah, in my memory (such as it is) the first season was more of an authentic feel, and it became more of a soap opera as time went on, although I still enjoyed it. But I realize this may be all in my imagination. And yes, O'Brien was horrible. But there has to be one in every good story, it seems. (or two, because Thomas was pretty bad, himself)

Marie Rayner said...

Oh, am so glad to hear someone else say it! I was thinking all the way through this final season that the wind had left the sails of DA. Almost like Julian wanted us not to mourn its passing overly much. But the finale was a cracker! What an uncanny resemblence between your Nan and Daisy! Amazing to say the least! Like you, my naturally curly hair was the bane of my existance when I was growing up and how I longed for the straight tresses of my contemporaries. Sigh . . . Have a great Wednesday! xoxo

TiffanyJane said...

Hi Val.......
Well, looks like I am going to have to invest in watching the series! Not much catches my eye {I have only watched reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle}....for years, before I go to bed. I like a short, feel-good comedy to clear my head for the day.
Have a great day!

Vintage Jane said...

What a striking resemblance indeed. I have never seen Downton and keep thinking I need to get the box set and see what a ll the fuss is about! :)

Val said...

Lisa, it'll be interesting to see how the beginning strikes us when we start over again with the series someday.

Hi, Marie. Yes, I thought I wouldn't be emotional at the finale since season six hadn't thrilled me, but no, it went out on a high note.

Tiff, I know. I'm not into much TV at all. This and "Better Call Saul" this year have been the only things I've watched in real time since childhood, I think.

Yes, Jane, do! It's right up your alley. :)

racheld said...

good Morning, Sweet Girl,

This post just captured my heart---what historical TWINS, and of the exact era, hairstyle, and crocheted collar (of which I had several, in my own fifties wardrobe, made by my Mammaw J., who crocheted and knitted and put gorgeous edgings on everything you can think of, so my sweaters and dresses were special. I even have a picture somewhere of my own mom, with that Buster-Brown haircut, though she was only about nine.

Hope you've been warm and well, and are enjoying these bright warm days!


Val said...

Thank you, Rachel. And you had both a sweet Mammaw J. and a beautiful wardrobe, it sounds like. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

How delightful, Val, to have those photos; what a sweet heritage. I adored Downton Abbey and have yet to watch Season Six. I love delayed gratification...smile.
Happy Easter to you and Mike.

Val said...

I remember, Sandra. You'll be watching it (someday) with one of your beloved orange sodas, am I remembering right? :)

Happy Easter to you too. ♥