Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Past Two (Lazy, Indoor) Weeks

Well, I highly recommend kicking off a new year by conquering one's fears and achieving something that's been on the To-Do list for ages.  It's infused the past two weeks with significantly more lightness and dance-around-the-apartment-to-my-favorite-songs JOY than I usually feel in January and February, for sure.  In the spirit of celebration last week, I treated Stuffed to a comfy new cat bed--and he's actually been curled up in it, wonder of wonders--and a catnip ball, and I gave Mike an amazon gift card.  We can all use some extra fun here in these weeks of day-after-day of forehead-freezing wind and back-wrenchingly slippery sidewalks.  I got my taxes done this week.  And filled out some student loan paperwork that had been on my to-do list too long.  And got another box of books and book characters ready to mail to the school.  And worked at my job, of course.  Otherwise, I have been lazily cuddled up with an afghan more often than not:  reading stretched out in bed, reading in my chair with my feet tucked under me, or refilling glass-after-glass of chocolate almond milk, hot chocolate, or iced tea while making my way through the episodes of "The West Wing" that I missed when it was still on TV.  In short, aside from a few must-do duties, I've spent the past two weeks vegging out, and it's been lovely.  I treated myself to the dvd of the first season of "Downton Abbey"--I've only ever seen some the first episode--and plan to relax with that sometime soon, as well.  Eleanor Roosevelt's book You Learn By Living is brilliant.  I admire her so, especially for her managing her shyness so beautifully.  I have only a few pages left in J.K. Rowling's The Silkworm, Steve Berry's The Lincoln Myth, and Steven Rigolosi's The Outsmarting of Criminals:  A Mystery Introducing Miss Felicity Prim.  I've been skipping around in Frances Mayes' Under the Tuscan Sun--one of your favorite books, Lisa, I know!--since around Thanksgiving, probably.  I'm a fast reader, but I like just reading a section or so of that book and waiting awhile to dip back into it.  It is a soothing read, with some of the most beautiful writing.  Patti Smith's Just Kids has been hauntingly beautiful too.  And "Mrs. Mimi's" teaching memoir, It's Not All Flowers and Sausages:  My Adventures in Second Grade, along with Searching for a Savior:  The Trials and Triumphs of a First-Year Teacher, because I've never been able to shake the idea of giving a teaching career a second go.  (I taught two months of middle school when I was twenty-four.)  We'll see.  For now, I'm reading and watching and thinking and daydreaming:  teaching kindergarteners how to read, solving mysteries with Cormoran Strike and other detectives who need my expertise, assisting Josh and Donna at the White House, falling asleep while an owl watches over me from my bedroom windowsill in Tuscany, discussing shyness and fear-conquering and driver's license-acquiring with Mrs. Roosevelt. . . .The rest of me continually re-wraps itself into a blanket, only getting up to pour another drink or to feed the cat, but my head--Well!  My head and I, we're GOING places, I tell you.  :)


Teresa Schubert said...

There's nothing like a good book to take you deep inside or to far off places!! I love a good book.
I could totally imagine you teaching!!I think you have a natural love and curiosity about people and the world around you and a fair amount of imagination that would translate into an excellent teacher! Now of course I only know you through this blog, but that is how your personality comes across on here anyways;-) Whatever you do Val, your sure to add value. Stay warm!
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Anonymous said...

I loved that all three of you have been having some special treats this last couple of weeks!

Stuffed looks adorable in his new bed! Kitties seem to know what is a new gift and all for them!


Val said...

Thank you, Teresa. The school and student-age and all kinds of things about that first teaching assignment were not at all a good fit for me, but I do consider going back to school to train to teach a different grade level (and to train to teach, period, since I'd had no training before my first attempt). :) Thank you for the kind words.

Lily, yes, treats--to get us through this winter. :) And thank you. Stuffed is so dear. Cats do always know the comfiest spots. :)

Lisa said...

Gee, have I said how much I love that book? I guess so. :D I loved the respectful way she described the workers; it made a big impression on me.

What a lovely bed for Stuffed! How he is enjoying it.

You would be a good teacher, I'm sure. And I'm sure when the time is right, you'll know.

Marie Rayner said...

Loved catching up with all of your goings on these past couple of weeks Val. This is the stay inside and canoodle time of year. I think you would be a fabulous teacher. I am a bit biased I know, but I think you have a lot to offer. Stay warm and remember Spring is just around the corner!! xoxo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Wow, Val...good for you, getting your driver's license...woohoo! Everyone should know how to drive, if for no other reason, in case of emergency. (I did read that correctly, right?)
Some of my cats love their cat castle and use it daily. Others just wait for my lap top present itself. LOL

Val said...

Thank you, Lisa, Marie, and Sandra (hello again, Sandra--and your drive you emailed me about sounds like a nightmare!). ♥