Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bianca's First ~Merry Early Christmas~

One of the highlights of Tuesday's early Christmas with my family was meeting my newest niece and finally giving her and her parents the little baby gifts and Christmas gifts I'd been collecting the past few months.  Ah, but let's back up long enough to acknowledge that the photo above of her is obviously one of the sweetest baby pictures ever.    The bright shining eyes!  The tiny fist!  The gnome-ish hat!  Bianca wins the family prize for Prettiest Eyes, I daresay.  My younger brother emailed the picture to me a few weeks ago, and I knew as soon as he mentioned it was his favorite oneof all time that it would need to be made into a Christmas gift.  :)  I had photo mugs made for him and his wife. 
I found the "sugar and spice" tin at a thrift shop over the summer and filled it with a onesie and Cardinals baseball-themed gifts for her and her Redbird-loving parents:  Pink Cardinals pacifiers, a Cardinals ABC book, and a Cardinals knit hat.  Fun finds, all of them, and we all laughed as my brother and his wife looked at everything Tuesday evening.  My lifelong Pirates-fan dad dryly commented, "Well, if that's the way you want to raise your kid. . . ."  which makes me laugh again every time I remember it. 
Bianca slept through all the hilarity. 
Her first Christmas gifts from Aunt Val and Uncle Mike were clothes:  A pink bunny sleeper, a "My first Christmas" bodysuit, and a pink sleeper with a red Santa Claus print and attached Santa slippers.  :)  Bianca's the first baby in the family to be born during the holiday season, and that's made her arrival especially fun for us all. 
She slept through those gifts too, though. 
We all only briefly saw her eyes Tuesday night, so every picture from that night is a Sleeping Bianca shot. 
Late Wednesday afternoon, her mom sent me a picture of my finally-wide-awake niece in her pink Santa sleeper.  There are those shining eyes again.  I have to wonder when I see a baby this alert what she's thinking and what she'll be like in the years ahead. 
Merry First (Early) Christmas, Sweet Bee. 


Marie said...

I give you the Auntie of the year award Val! What a little treasure she is. Love all the sweetness. My goodness but they do have adorable things for the wee ones nowadays. What a little princess. She looks as bright as a button! xxoo

Lisa said...

Oh, she's so. cute!! The little sweetie.

La Table De Nana said...

So so sweet..everything!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Bianca is adorable! How blessed is your family. Love the sweet little presents you gave her.


Val said...

Thank you all. She is adorable, and we are definitely blessed. And yes, Marie, the baby things today are incredible! It's fun finding them for her. :)