Saturday, June 10, 2017

♫ New Job and a Haircut, At Last ♪

Well.  :)  Almost exactly nine years after I first interviewed for it, I can finally shout from the rooftops say I got the job. Way back in June 2008--here--I had my first interview for it ahead of me, and today, after (not having enough experience for it back then, and thus) a lot of volunteering, seven years of working toward it at my now-previous position, and applying for it and being rejected at least six times since spring 2007--I've just completed my first two weeks on the job.  Last month, I shared the job announcement with one of the people who had supervised me during some volunteer work back in 2009, and she shook her head and cried out, "Val, your story shows the power of"--long pause--"PERSISTENCE!  It's a good, GOOD story!"    Indeed.  As my dad has long said, I am nothing if not stubborn.  :)  I got the job!  ♥   
A few days before I was offered the position, I found this graffiti on my walk to work.  I took it as a nod from the universe, as I tend to do, as it appeared at a time when I really needed the encouragement.  Little did I know that there was a bigger nod in my favor just a few days away.  Likewise, I caught a bus home a few weeks ago to visit my family for the first time since hearing the news and found this--
just the paper message, no fortune cookie or wrapper with it--resting on the window ledge beside the seat I'd chosen. 
The day before I began the new job was not the smartest day to get a haircut--Anxiety, Thy Name Was Val!--but fortune continued to favor me, and I'm happy with the cut.  It seems to look completely different from morning-to-morning depending on how I part it and who-knows-what-else, but it suits me in all its variations.  Another "whew!"  Let's hear it for stylists who know what they're doing and can correctly interpret verbal instructions and clipped photographs!  :)  
Last night was my first night off since starting the new position that I didn't feel utterly exhausted, so it became Celebrating-Two-Weeks-on-the-Job Cake-Baking Night.  I wanted something joyful and summery, and flowers and berries were the way to go.
 I added mint leaves for a touch of green.  It is a season of fresh starts in these parts, after all. 
. . .I got the job!  I got the job! 


Lisa said...

Val, your hair looks so cute and will be perfect for summer, too. Congratulations on the new job!! Is it in the same place - a promotion or moving to another department? or a new place entirely?

Your cake is gorgeous, and I'm going to pin it into my Decorated Cakes board! xoxo

La Table De Nana said...

Love the hair..Embracing thos curls is joy too:)

Congrats!! Here's to a new chapter!!

racheld said...

And every curl an Angel Kiss . . .

What a post---all girly and curly and such wonderful news! I'm so pleased for you---you certainly reflect the "family motto" I made up to go onto a small coat-of-arms that Caro painted of Chris Hero: Wile E. Coyote. Across the little shield boasting an anvil, a cannon, and a bomb, there's a little banner in lovely script: PERSEVERUS PERSEVORUM, which, in our lexicon, means "Keep on Keepin' on." He looks at it every morning, and it's the motto for the day.

Brava, and much happiness, growth and satisfaction in your new position. Well done.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Congratulations dear Val! Love all of your curls. Your celebratory cake looks delicious!

May you have much happiness and success in your new job.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Val said...

Thank you, ♥ Lisa, Monique, Rachel, and Lorraine. :)

Lisa, it's the same workplace but a new department. I'll email you this week. :)

And I love the family motto, Rachel. :)

Thank you all. ♥

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear deserve this new position, I'm sure...not only because of your persistence, but also because of all your hard work and dedication...and most importantly, all your experience...your are a stellar employee and they know it!!!!! Beautiful cake...a work of art...diana

Val said...

Thank you, Diana. ♥xox

CraveCute said...

Congrats to you! Persistence pays off! That cake is beautiful!

Val said...

Thank you, Deb. :)