Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Lampshade Yesterday and Today

The lamp should be finished sometime tomorrow, I'm thinking.  'Two more tiers of ruffles at the top, and then back into place on the lamp-base it goes.  I have a piece of lavender/white plaid left from an old dress that I'm planning for the next ring, and at the very top, a Kelly green gingham.  

I realized the other day that I wanted a jolt of yellow on the shade and decided just to Sharpie-marker a section of green floral fabric. 
It worked and turned out almost chartreuse, a definite jolt of color on an already-colorful shade.  I have long loved pink roses against yellow backgrounds, so this has turned out to be my favorite tier so far. 
To tie that pop of yellow in with the rest of the lampshade, I dyed my white pom pom/ball trim gold by soaking it in Turmeric water for a minute.   
A minute in the spice-bath was long enough to do the trick, and I let the trim dry while I attached more ruffles.
Ah, ball trim!  It makes me happy.  
'So dear. 
'Two tiers left to go, then, which is grand since all the fabric-pleating and hot-gluing have reached the stage of feeling quite tedious.  Once it's done, it's done, though, and this has already become one of my favorite re-dos and favorite items in the apartment.   
Tomorrow!  A finished reading lamp! 


racheld said...

Absolutely charming, with promises of SMASHING when it's complete! What a whimsical sweet addition to your reading nook. And ingenious use of the dye, as well.

I have a new one myself, through no talent of my own---I'd craved one of those big blowsy "bordello" type Victorian shades for years, and this past weekend spotted the white silk belly-swell of a small one on the top shelf at Goodwill. Just set it atop the living-room stand, added a pretty new finial, and that's the end of MY creativity.

I mentioned your HEARTS on LAWN TEA yesterday.


La Table De Nana said...

♥Sew cute!!:)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This shade is so you, so happy and colorful!


Val said...

Thank you, Ladies. :) 'Racing off to work now.

Nellie said...

What an amazing project!! Will love seeing the finished product! - xo Nellie

Blondie's Journal said...

Very sweet. Your project sounds wonderful!


Val said...

Thank you, Nellie and Jane. It's finally finished! :)

Jenny Pesavento said...

ohhhh Val ~ charming, lovely, adorable! how clever of you to use the Sharpie! i would never have thought of that and could never tell the fabric wasn't yellow to begin with. the pink roses with the yellow-chartreuse background = LOVE! (i've always been partial to red geraniums with yellow marigolds in my flower pots)

and the dyed pom poms using a turmeric spice bath..... 2 thumbs up! very nice. i can't help but think how fun it would be to have a skirt just like your lampshade paired with cowgirl boots! yeehah! tfs this re-do of yours. it was a lot of work, but what a great outcome. your custom lampshade is a one of a kind masterpiece!! :)

Val said...

Thank you, Jenny. :) And yes! I've been imagining that now-chartreuse-ey floral fabric as a skirt with a black wrap-top and some strappy sandals. :) I love that fabric--and much more now that it's the a brighter background instead of its original pale green. 'Am going to have to find a yellow floral skirt now.

Thank you again. :)

Val said...

P.S., Jenny, your red Geraniums with the yellow Marigolds sound so striking together. And I love both--What a great combination.