Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Making Me Happy Tonight

Have I mentioned here before how much I love the little Art Deco-ish storybook houses like Hugh Comstock's famous "Hansel" cottage in Carmel, California?  I've saved images of similar cottages  in my home/decorating scrapbooks and inspiration folders since I was thirteen.  
The steeply pitched roof!    The rounded door and windows!    The stone exterior!    The crazy crooked chimney!    
 If I could jump into any of these illustrations, I would.  Ohhhhhh, I would, I would, I would.  
I've always found it fascinating that certain styles of houses simply seem like Home to us--and others, not so much.  The tiny storybook cottages--ideally set in the wild woods--make my heart ache, just as huge Victorian houses speak to Aunt Laurie and almost any small blue house will be loved by Mom.  
I love hearing about peoples' dream homes.  
In an old issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion (aka Sweetest! Magazine! Ever!), a feature on a guest bedroom in Engelbreit's own home shows some of her collection of miniature houses, and the accompanying caption from Engelbreit reads:  "For me, a house is a symbol of everything good."  Yes.  And for me, a little Art Deco cottage, especially so.  
You know, then, how much I squealed when I finally found not only a vintage vase I loved for our mantel here, but also one that is a nine-inch-tall model of my dream house.    Look at the chimney!!  And the cute little window!  And how the exterior is even made to look like brick and stone!  It's the find of a lifetime. 
My patience for projects like the mantel makeover drives my mom crazy.  I'll go a year--or in this case, a year and six months, specifically--without a vase for it because I want The Right One, not just any one.  Still on my list for the mantel is The Perfect Hooked Rug for in front of it.  That search continues.  (This rug, in the fourth, fifth, and sixth photos down, made my heart beat faster when I saw it, but alas!  Someone else out there is enjoying it.  It's such gorgeous work.  )  In the meantime, a vase is finally in the spot I had set aside for one.  Bit by bit, and find by find, it is coming together.  Look at the tiny lamps to either side of the front door!  ♥ 
It is a little thing in every sense, but let's hear it for little things.  :)
I'm a happy lady here tonight.    


Marie said...

I'd be happy too Val. I Love it! You and I are alike in our love for these little cottages and anything to do with them. I also love those little sparkley Christmas ones. Loving your ceramic plant holder one. It's gorgeous. We bought one in Germany a number of years back that holds a tea light inside. It's one of my favourite things. xxoo

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, Val, what a sweet find and so 'you'. That rug you love is wonderful too. Keep looking and dreaming and one day your dream will come true.

Enjoy your lovely, sweet, colorful, happy home.


La Table De Nana said...

I love it too..
It is perfect..perfect.
I love storybook homes too..
So glad you found it and so glad it makes you happy.
I know the feeling..

Amy said...

I'd choose those adorable little cottages, too! They make me smile!

(and I'm one who will wait for Just The Right Piece, too! :-D)

Lisa said...

Oh, and there's a little Stuffed right in front of it - how perfect!
I wonder what those charming cottages look like inside? I suppose you'd find Tasha Tudor-esque mice in clothing scurrying around, along with badgers, etc., also living there.

Jill Cooper said...

That would be pretty easy to hook (the rug I mean). Have you ever thought about learning how? It's really easy if someone shows you how.

Nellie said...

How did you ever find a vase like that? I don't think I've ever seen one, Val. I certainly do like your dream house, though!

xo Nellie

Val said...

I knew you all would get my enthusiasm. :)

Nellie, I found it on eBay. 'One of my best-ever finds there too. :)

And Jill, I've actually been thinking about making a rug, yes! I love that roses one, but I've drawn a few really rough drafts of ideas for rugs that would incorporate black--maybe a black scallop the whole way around it--and/or a cat. I like the old hooked rugs that read "Welcome" too, but the ones I keep seeing always have the "Welcome" wrong-side-up for my needs, so that's another reason I'm thinking about just making my own. I've never done it before, but my mom tried her hand at it ages ago and could likely help me get the hang of it. We'll see what I decide.

Thank you all. :) ♥

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Val, that vase is adorable and am sure it sweetens up the mantle.

Val said...

Thank you, Sandra--'So nice to see you here. :)