Monday, November 7, 2011

~You Fill My Head All Full of Rainbows~

I actually choked up a bit late last night when I learned that my beloved Robert Smith and the Cure will be performing in New York City three nights over Thanksgiving weekend. I have wanted to see them in concert for so long. Their "Halo" is one of my favorite songs, and that and other Cure tunes have been a big part of the soundtrack of my twenties and thirties. I have the time off of my work and could have afforded the trip or the hotel or the show but wouldn't be able to justify throwing what little money I have at all three, even if it would make for an awesome experience. I lived in New York City while a New York University grad student in the fall term of 2000, haven't been back since the fall of 2002, and have been aching to be in the city again. And to see the Cure! And to get away for a weekend! Thanksgiving weekend! My heart breaks a bit at the thought of missing out on all this, but it is just not meant to be right now.

Their gorgeous "Halo," the words and melody of which will just forever epitomize dizzying first love and true love and summertime and friendship to me:


And, of course, "Friday I'm in Love":
They have just been nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I'm sure those who do get to see them in a few weeks will give them the applause of a lifetime.  Alas, I will just go have to go heavy on the eyeliner Robert Smith-style that weekend and dance around the apartment with Stuffed instead. ;) 

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