Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home for Thanksgiving

It somehow slipped my mind to take more pictures Thanksgiving Day, but the few I took are proof I was home for the holiday a year I hadn't expected to get the time off to make the trip. 
That I will also have a few days off over Christmas is an incredible extra blessing this year. 
Hearing that news just a few days before going home for Thanksgiving made the holiday even sweeter and made saying goodbye to everyone a bit easier. I have been dying of homesickness lately, and the thought of not getting to see my family over the holidays had been breaking my heart. 
I am thirty-three and getting married next year, and I know it won't be possible to spend every holiday with my family in the future, but I hope to do it as many times as possible, and this year, it was something I just plain needed
As I told my mom Thanksgiving night while we got ready for bed, we're so lucky that we all enjoy seeing each other and spending the holidays together. Not every family feels that way, and mine is blessed in that we do. I appreciate it more the older I get, and this year, with all the uncertainty about whether I'd even be there to experience either Thanksgiving or Christmas with them, I feel it more deeply than ever. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

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