Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be Still, My Heart!

While looking for something online this morning, I came across a picture of a set of old playing cards with this unbelievably accurate drawing of me and Mike's dream home on one side.  It's a tiny maybe-one-story house! With a fishing pond! And ducks for Mike! And cats and dogs! Rounded window/frame above the door! Cobblestone path! An apple tree like the one in Great-Grandma's yard! A big old mailbox up on a pole! Shutters AND a window box! There are even Cattail plants edging the pond! A few years ago, Mike and I were emailing back and forth, and I sent him another one of my dream home pictures along with the following email:

Now, picture yourself on the (bigger-than-this) front porch in a comfy chair with a pillow behind you and your feet up, reading the newspaper to Stuffed--you underestimate him: he's probably quite interested --and looking up every now and then to watch Rowlf/Buster/Buckingham patrol the grounds. The scent of apple pie is wafting out to you from the kitchen, and the honeybees are (at a safe distance! and) buzzing around the flowers and their boxes. A better-than-water-beverage is at your feet. Our pet groundhog  is chasing squirrels. Your girl lounges beside you, happy happy happy....Can you dig it?

He wrote back "Let's make it happen." And bit by bit, one Craigslist-acquired-wing-chair and Daffodil-bulb-from-a-friend at a time, we are. I'll save the new picture-find for inspiration and take it as a sign that we're on track here.


appledapple said...

I love seeing your dream, very inspiring!

Val said...


Wren Cottage said...

Hey sweets! :) You are so gosh darn adorable!!
Love the dialogue between you two lovebirds too :)

I know you and Mike will make the dream come true, as you said to me, one day at a time :)

I love the little girl with the red rider wagon too :)

Have a beautiful weekend and I'm so happy you got some antibiotics to beat that nasty cold!

Hugs and Love ~ Madai

Val said...

Thank you, Madai. :) 'So glad to see you online again. I hope you and your Mike are having a fun weekend together. :)